15 October 2015

Oregon Agriculture Supports Legal Cannabis

Crowds at both Workshop Sessions
The Cannabis Rules Workshop in Salem on October 14 solidly confirmed Oregon’s dedication to Cannabis as a long-term agricultural and economic asset.

Hosted by the Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN) and the Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB), response to the workshop, at a suggested donation price of $10, was so great that the venue was relocated from the OFB office to the Salem Armory at the State Fairgrounds to accommodate crowds at two separate sessions.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the event was seeing government agencies and traditional agricultural organizations actively supporting the success of legal Cannabis and vigorously advocating for its sustainable growth.

There was also evident respect for Oregon's opportunity to model national benchmarks for best practices in the emerging Cannabis/Hemp industries. As stated in the agenda handout, "The most important tools we have in maintaining our viability are unity and cooperation. Often in the public policy arena, there is an attempt to pit one part of agriculture against another. When we are strong and united, we can win. If agriculture is divided, we all lose."

Workshop presenters included the nonprofits OAN, OFB, Water Resources Congress, Oregonians for Food and Shelter, Mediation Works; and the Oregon State Departments of Agriculture, Energy, Environmental Quality, Health Authority, Land Use, and Water Resources.

Ag Director Katy Coba and Staff
The Department of Agriculture held the largest panel discussion, often emphasizing that legal Cannabis implementation is in the early stages and will be an ongoing process for some time.

Other presenters noted the reality and unknown consequence of overlap with Federal jurisdiction in some pivotal areas such as water rights and environmental quality.

Without question, though, all of the nonprofits and State Agencies at the workshop declared an unequivocal stake in the success of Oregon Cannabis. They aim to be the best informed, most cost-effective resources available to the industry. As the final slide of the day said, "The present is here, live it."

Workshop materials and presentations are available online at: http://www.oregonfb.org/workshop/
Workshop Agenda and Speaker contact: Cannabis Rules Workshop Agenda

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is holding Recreational Marijuana Licensing Workshops, free of charge, throughout the state Dec. 1-15, 2015.  Go to www.marijuana.oregon.gov for updates.

Congratulations to the Oregon Farm Bureau, the Oregon Association of Nurseries, and all participating State and nonprofit agencies for an excellent and affordable workshop.