09 May 2015

Newbie Notes: Start Low and Go Slow!

Expect Child-proof Packaging
by Cynthia Gaffney ~ The Edible Digest

I am a nearly life-long cannabis smoker but my experience with edibles has been sporadic and uneven. Yet, when the dosage hits the mark, I thoroughly enjoy the mental and physical sensation that edible cannabis can produce.

Colorado may be the global leader in edible cannabis production and is certainly at the forefront of developing the necessary standards and procedures that are beginning to shape the future of these products in the legal marketplace.

Attending the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup gave me an excellent opportunity to experiment with my personal tolerance for the 10mg serving size now imposed on edibles in Colorado. The results recorded below help to further illustrate the fact that, for a novice user, even a recommended serving size should be approached in increments.

The array of cannabis edible options in Colorado is Beyond Zebra! (To quote a good friend.) But, with only a few days to spend in this relaxed legal state, I limited myself to one item that had been verified for quality and potency.

Based upon Cannabist testing research done last year, I chose to experiment with BlueKudu Chocolates, Cookies and Cream, because of its reliable THC results.

The product comes in a child-proof plastic container with a shrink wrapped seal over the opening. The label is covered with pertinent information, including recommended serving size.

Inside the plastic container, the bar is wrapped with an attractive foil common in traditional fine chocolates.

The THC content of each serving size section is clearly labeled.  The aroma is exactly what would be expected of any "Cookies and Cream" chocolate product.  The taste, however, does have a noticeable cannabis flavor which I happen to like but may surprise a first-timer.

My motel room was within walking distance of the Denver Mart Cannabis Cup events so I could experiment without needing to drive.  Very Important!

Possible factors influencing the effect I experienced are my size, age and gender (5'4", 110 lbs, Baby-boomer female).

Results of the experiment are as follows:
 ~ First day I tried a whole 10mg serving - too much to be pleasant for me.
 ~ Second day was a half a serving, (approx 5mg).  Still a bit more intense than I liked.
 ~ Third day pared down to a quarter of the recommended serving, (approx 2.5mg).  This felt just right, providing a light cannabis lift I thoroughly enjoyed.

Concluding advice to a new cannabis edible consumer is:

Get educated! Do research!  Find out as much as possible about what you'll be taking into your body, especially the tested THC level.

Plan ahead to avoid stressful obstacles to your enjoyment for at least eight hours after ingesting your legal treat.

Above all, heed the slogan, Start Low and Go Slow. There is no good reason to risk the unexpected. #JustSayKnow is definitely trending smart in Colorado!