24 May 2015

Cannabis Edibles ~ A Colorado Rocky Mountain High Note

Edibles Enthusiasts at HT Denver
Under the headline, Colorado Sold Nearly 5 Million Marijuana Edibles in 2014Time magazine's February 2015 issue quoted this statement from Colorado's inaugural report on retail cannabis sales, "The data reported into the system clearly illustrates a strong demand for edibles in general, but especially for retail marijuana edibles".

Recreational cannabis edibles are popular for an obvious reason - legal enjoyment.  And a not so obvious reason - they are an easy solution to restrictive laws around public cannabis smoking.

Elise McDonough and Payton Curry
Always at the forefront of cannabis advocacy, High Times underscored the Colorado success story with two superb edibles events at the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup.  On 4/19, Elise McDonough, High Times columnist and author, shared the stage with American Culinary Institute Chef, Payton Curry, for a "Cooking with Cannabis" demonstration before an overflow audience. Then on 4/20, the ultimate celebration day, Elise moderated a panel of edibles experts who covered as many salient topics as time allowed.

High Times Cannabis Edible Panelists were:
Cannabis Edibles Panel 

Julie Dooley of Julie's Natural Edibles
Jaime Lewis of Mountain Medicine Edibles
Timothy McDowell of MarQaha Edibles
Kat Smiles, Bioavailability  Consultant

These themes were repeated throughout both events - testing, education, consistency, and compliance are helping to drive demand for cannabis edibles, infusions, and extracts.

See the videos below for a virtual feast of edibles information. Refer to our previous post on a Start Low and Go Slow edibles experience in Denver.  And above all, Enjoy!