28 November 2014

The Magic Trokee ~ A Cannabis Infused Lozenge

Justin Miller and Matthew Gentry of JollyGreens.net
Justin Miller and Matthew Gentry founded Jolly Greens, their edible Cannabis company, to create the healthiest, happiest and safest sensory experience possible for themselves and their customers. The result is The Magic Trokee, a Cannabis infused lozenge that Jolly Greens handles all the way from garden to retailer. Justin is the grower, Matthew is the marketer, and they both have a hand in production.

Recognizing that dosage and quality ingredients are crucial to the overall enjoyment of a Cannabis edible, Justin and Matthew worked from the beginning to establish healthy, accurate production practices, testing their product at every step in the process including for nutritional value.

Magic Trokee test results are online

This statement on the Jolly Greens website sums up their commitment to quality:

"Quality Control. Safety. Reliability. The foundations our products are built upon. Our products are tested by facilities with experience, consistency and responsibility. For safety we go above and beyond state requirements and have our food samples analyzed, not just the cannabis going into them. This ensures the cannabinoids we say are in our product are in fact active cannabinoids. This allows you to accurately medicate and also ensures there are no detectable solvents in the product you are ingesting."

Available in a variety of (literally) mouthwatering flavors, The Magic Trokee, is a convenient, organic, GMO-free lozenge that delivers reliable quantities of THC and other Cannabinoids every time. In short, it has all the right ingredients for success in the legalized marketplace.